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Solar System


Features of the Solar System

1. Power Output: 1000W solar panel capacity for efficient energy generation. 2. Built-in Battery: Options of 120AH, 150AH, or 200AH battery storage for reliable power supply. 3. All-in-One Design: Integrated system for easy installation and operation. 4. Sustainable Energy: Harnesses solar power to reduce carbon footprint and electricity bills. 5. Grid Independence: Provides a reliable power source even during cloudy days or at night.
lass="yoast-text-mark" />>6. Cost-Effective: Saves money in the long run by reducing reliance on the grid.<br />7. Minimal Maintenance: Low-maintenance system for hassle-free operation. 8. Sleek Design: Compact and aesthetically pleasing system that blends seamlessly into any home. 9. Energy Efficiency: Powers home appliances and devices efficiently with clean energy.

Solar System Battery

  1. Feature
  • Output pure sine wave
  • Strong load capacity
  • Built-in solar charging controller
  • High charging efficiency
  • Adjustable polyphase parameters
  • Built-in carp battery or lead-acid battery

Techfine ProtableSolar System 1500W All In One Built in 150AH 250AH Battery For Outdoor

Product Overview Introducing our Integrated Photovoltaic Energy Storage System, a powerful solution for harnessing solar energy. The system features pure